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  • 10th April 2010
    Bell Building v Carfin Developments CA296/09
  • 10th February 2010
    Fleming Builders v Forrest [2010] CSIH 8
    This action followed an adjudication and a preliminary hearing on the evidence. The Defenders claimed during the adjudication amongst other things that  there was no contract and accordingly the adjudicator had no jurisdiction. The adjudicator having found the parties to the contract to be the Pursuers and Defenders made a decision in favour of the Pursuers for the Defenders to pay the Pursuers. No payment was made. A preliminary hearing on the evidence found that there was a contract and there had been no failure on the part of the adjudicator to take account of the evidence, have regard to the argument that there was no contract at all or that there had been a breach of natural justice. The Defenders reclaimed against the interlocuter that there was no contract between the Pursuers and the Defenders. The preliminary findings were upheld. The reclaiming motion was refused
  • 22nd December 2009
    Castle Inns (Stirling) v Clark Contracts Ltd
  • 17th July 2009
    Barr Ltd v Klin Investments UK Ltd [2009] ScotsCS CSOH 104
  • 16th December 2008
    Curot Contracts Ltd (t/a Dimension Shop Fitting) v Castle Inns (Stirling) Ltd (t/a Castle Leisure Group) [2008] ScotCS CSOH_179
  • 18th September 2008
    Norwest Holst Ltd v Carfin Developments Ltd [2008] ScotCS CSOH_138
  • 19th August 2008
    CSC Braehead Leisure Ltd v Laing O'Rourke Scotland Ltd [2008] ScotCS CSOH_119
  • 15th July 2008
    Fleming Builders Ltd v Forrest or Hives [2008] ScotCS CSOH_103
  • 17th April 2008
    Aedas Architects Ltd v Skanska Construction UK Ltd [2008] ScotCS CSOH_64
  • 30th November 2007
    City Inn Ltd v Shepherd Construction Ltd [2007] ScotCS CSOH_190