An adjudicator will either be named in a contract, appointed by agreement or nominated by an Adjudicator Nominating Body such as

If the adjudicator or the Adjudicator Nominating Body is not named in the contract then a request for nomination may be made to any such body.  The request must usually follow the giving of a Notice of Intention to Refer a Dispute to Adjudication to the other party to the contract.

The Committee of will nominate an adjudicator from its panel of qualified adjudicators to decide a dispute if requested to do so by submission of the following form.  A charge for the nomination of £250 (plus VAT) for our services is payable with submission of the nomination request form, either online or by post. If payment does not accompany the nomination request, no nomination will be made. This fee is non-refundable whether or not the dispute is referred to the adjudicator (e.g. if the matter is settled by agreement).

Application by Post

Please complete this form ( 18kb PDF) and return it to with your payment and an adjudicator will be nominated from our panel.

Online Application

We now accept online payment by credit card using PayPal as our online merchant services provider. As soon as payment is made in this way, you are taken to our online nomination form for you to complete and submit to us. Once we receive the completed form, it is matched to the payment and an adjudicator will be nominated from our panel.

The benefit of the online application is that an adjudicator will be nominated much quicker than by the postal method.

To apply for the nomination of an adjudicator online, please click on our Paypal button to submit your payment of £250. Upon successful completion, our application form will be made available for you to fill in and submit.