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  • 12th March 1999
    Rentokil Ailsa Environmental Ltd v Eastend Civil Eng Ltd [1999] CILL 1506
    This summary was provided by CMS Cameron McKenna LLP. For more information visit 12 and 31 March 1999 E entered into a series of contracts with R to carry out minor engineering works at 15 sites. In November 1998 R indicated that it would make no further payments for any sites because of concerns about defects on 4 sites. Three of the contracts were entered into after 1 May 1998, but contained no adjudication provisions, therefore the Scottish Scheme for Construction Contracts applied. E issued notices of adjudication for these 3 contracts claiming payment of unpaid invoices The adjudicator awarded sums totalling £141,000 to E, but R did not pay nor did it sign its consent to the decisions being registered in the Books of Council and Session. E applied to the court for enforcement of the decisions, but shortly before the...