WELCOME to adjudication.co.uk

Welcome to adjudication.co.uk, a recognised adjudicator nominating body and the leading provider of adjudication services and information. We promote the resolution of disputes by adjudication as described in Part II of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. In meeting this aim we:

  • Provide details of decided cases on adjudication;
  • Nominate adjudicators;
  • Assist in the presentation and defence of claims;
  • Assist in the enforcement of a decision; and
  • Provide legal and technical assistance to adjudicators.

Legal and technical services are provided through the members of the Committee and their firms.

LATEST case judgments

  • 17th June 2014
    UGL Engineering Pty Ltd v Complete Power Solutions Pty Ltd [2014] WASC 211
    Corporations law - Application to set aside statutory demand - Turns on own facts.  
  • 10th June 2014
    Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd v Doric Contractors Pty Ltd [2014] WASC 206
    Corporations Law - Statutory demand - Application to set aside demand pursuant to s 459H(1)(a) (genuine dispute) and s 459J(1)(b) (some other reason) - Abuse of process - Parallel judicial review proceedings. Building and construction - Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA) - Attempt to enforce a determination using the statutory demand process - Failure...
  • 3rd June 2014
    MRCN Pty Ltd t/a Westforce Constructions and ABB Australia Pty Ltd [2014] WASAT 59
    Construction contract - Meaning of 'hearing de novo' under Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA) - Discretion to allow additional material upon review - Procedural fairness - Rules of natural justice - Reading down the general powers of review against the provisions of the enabling Act
  • 6th June 2014
    Ball Construction Pty Ltd v Conart Pty Ltd [2014] QSC 124
    Where the applicant and a company entered into a building contract – where that company and the first respondent entered into a deed of assignment with the consent of the applicant – where the director of the original construction company swore a statutory declaration – where the director of the first respondent also swore a statutory...

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