Plaza West P/L v Simon's Earthworks (NSW) P/L [2008] NSWSC 753

BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SECURITY OF PAYMENT ACT 1999 (NSW) s 9(a) - Requirement that progress payment be calculated in accordance with the terms of the contract - adjudicator determines amount to be calculated by reference to a provision which is a mechanics provision rather than according to criteria set by contract - approach to calculation a matter for adjudicator - adjudication determination not invalid even if adjudicator makes error of law provided he makes bona fide attempt to exercise the power conferred by the Act - no denial of natural justice by adjudicator in not dealing with further submissions of respondent where to do so is unnecessary by reason of acceptance of claimant's primary submission - adjudication valid - claimant obtains judgment in District Court based on adjudication - respondent seeks repayment of part alleged to be liability of claimant to sub-contractor where respondent alleges it paid sub-contractor directly - failure to establish fact of payment - properly matter for cross claim under s 32(3)(b) of the Act - or matter for District Court with respect to its own judgment

 LEGISLATION CITED: Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW)

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