John Holland Pty Ltd v Cardno MBK (NSW) Pty Ltd [2004] NSWSC 258

Challenge to determination of adjudicator under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 - Statutory scheme dictates that the adjudication response be relevantly tied to the payment schedule [such that the adjudication response cannot include any reasons for withholding payment unless those reasons have already been included in the payment schedule - Section 20 (2B)] - Whether adjudication application should also be relevantly tied to the payment claim [such that the adjudication application cannot include reasons supporting the payment claim unless those reasons had been included in the payment claim] - Scheme of legislation - Adjudicator's powers - Adjudicator does not have the power to consider materials supplied by a claimant in its adjudication application which go outside [ie fall outside the ambit or scope of] the materials which were provided in the payment claim

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